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Scientific Astrology differs from "regular" Astrology a little, from anything Psychic A LOT!
Scientific means here really what the word science contains, knowledge based on astrological research and fact finding and questioning and trying - until certainty (or in other words knowledge) is achieved about what is true and right in Astrology beyond doubt and what has fallen through as unverifiable or outright false.
In SCIENTIFIC Astrology this means years and years of research and testing and questioning and telling apart facts from imagination or pure believes.
Again, the quality of the eventually achieved astrological knowledge base lays within the amount of astrological research conducted with a realistic and critically observing mind in focus.

Astrology is an ancient "science",

often degraded as a superstition, and the reason for that is simple;
Astrologers in the past had great observation potential as they where living close to nature and therefore felt the universe around them much more then we today in our "denaturalized" techno world - however, they did not have exactly this, the technology to look further into our solar system, they did not know of the Planets Pluto, Uranus and Neptune back then - hence their predictions always lacked some of the most important pieces.
Today we have the technology to see those slow moving Planets - but most modern day Astrologers can't find the wealth of knowledge Astrologers from way past in time have accumulated.
I myself have been traveling and searching literally around the world digging for such info and was fortunate enough to find everything that has ever been somehow recorded from pretty much the time such recordings started up to the latest of today and I sure took all the astrological information I found apart to x-rayed it all and to eventually extract the facts from any fictions.
The basic system of Astrology has always been the same, and to my understanding this basic system is the only thing that could be disputed today as being "not real". An Astrologer is basically the psychologist of our solar systems constellations at any given time in presence, future or the past. The Astronomer calculates the movements of this "Big System", the Astrologer can tell what certain Planet constellations mean to us as a whole or to any individual based on their birth time Horoscope Chart (RADIX Horoscope Chart called).
The basis is always the assumption that the Planets of our Solar System are nothing else but any other system we know, the eco system, the nerve system, the traffic system and so on, a system of interactive happenings.
Since this is one of the biggest systems we presently can put our brain cells to understand somehow it should (in my point of view) be clear that it has influence and impact on anything that exists within, vegetation, animals, humans etc.!
We do not need to make horoscopes for a dog - because a dog does not have the capabilities to say make money, write, or build some machines, but we can do it for humans as we have those capabilities - and the sensibility to understand ourselves in time and place.
What those planetary interactions are is determined by the energies planets in aspects to one another have, those energies are also indisputably clear to anyone (see my Astrology book script chapter 2.
The aspects between these energies determine the nature of such planetary constellations, square aspects are by nature the hardest ones, while oppositions are almost equally difficult, but trines, hexagons or pentagons always mark harmonious events and ease, while conjunctions depend mainly on what planets are standing close in line.

Comparing Astrology with another personality research science, Psychology or Psychiatry

It is funny that Psychology and Psychiatry are accepted school sciences to study the human nature and mainly it's problems
- while Astrology does the same without a specific focus on the human natures problems but rather the complete individual nature of a person!

Scientific Astrologer Rudolf Megert once was asked for assistance by a
prolific Psychiatrist in regards to a case he found hard to understand.
With the agreement of the client in question scientific Astrologer Rudolf Megert conducted the calculation and drawing of the astrological chart and then researched the true nature of that client.
It turned out that this client was the son of a well doing family, intelligent and a bit bored or curious about the true capacity of psychology, but no indications in that client's astrological chart pointed to any form of mental illness or problems, in short the client was just out to "play" around with the science called psychology!
Sure, the prolific Psychiatrist had mixed impressions, made mixed observations and therefore found it hard to make a proper assessment.
Psychology is an observing science, a doctor of psychology needs to assess a client by his/her
behavior patterns, body language and ways of lingual expressions.
That is pretty much it.
An intelligent person might be able to fool such observations by
deliberately playing a role, if it isn't 100% convincingly played the observing psychologist will still not get an accurate assessment.
The inside of a person can be (and is very often) disguised by outer mannerisms and even in regular peoples daily life's
judgment of others can be badly off due to their disguised outer patterns.
This doesn't necessarily have to be done on purpose or with mean intentions, it is often and mostly something controlled by the sub consciousness and aimed at self protection or keeping silly problems away.

These disguise patterns are also visual in many animal species, most
noticably the one that is so close to humans, the cats.
Just pretending this or that to be able to do that or this a lot easier, all part of a "keep problems away" program somewhere hidden in the sub conscious levels of any species.

Astrology (in stark contrast to Psychology) uncovers any of these sub conscious patterns, as it plainly mirrors what a personality someone has in all details.
The Psychologist or Psychiatrist observes only the individual and maybe his/her social background a bit, totally neglecting the fact that all living beings are just another living system literally under the sun, meaning within a bigger system, our Solar System.
Scientific Astrologers such as Astrologer Rudolf Megert put things into their natural perspective, on a global scale (the House System) as well as on the universal scale (the Planet constellations).
This all starts with the disputed basic assumption of the science called Astrology that the Planets in our Solar System are a system with interactive energies that impact and influence everything within, of course us (the probably mentally most sensitive and intellectually most advanced living organism within this system of planets) the most.
There should be no doubt about the influence and the energies of the Planets, all though many still have.

In addition to any astrological study one always has to look also at the social circumstances a person grows up or lifes in.
The old example of 2 children, let's say 2 males for the sake of ease) growing up at exactly the same minute, in the same hospital serves well to highlight this.
Both would have identical astrological birth time charts, naturally.
Let's say one of them is the son of a multi millionaire family, the other of some ghetto parents - to take it to the extreme here.
It is obvious that they will not have the same roads in life, money will make things easier for the rich one, however, they will always life in the very same quality of time (astrological planet transits) and of course they will always have the same character patterns.

The perfect scientific Astrologer is therefore someone who can have a 1-on-1 consultation with a
client, to get also an insight on his/her social background, or at least clients should be willing to give the Astrologer some information about their environment of living.

Shouldn't the scientific Astrologer know all this after studying a horoscope chart?

Not necessarily, remember, a horoscope does not even tell an Astrologer if it is for a male or a female!
This is of course because Astrology is a "big scale" science, it works with the observation of the planets energies on any particular spot on the globe, impacting on a certain individual.
Theoretically a scientific Astrologer would have to conduct horoscopes of everyone that surrounds a clients current life or was around during birth and bringing up the child, but this is not a request the common client asks for nor is it a necessity to the Astrologer,
This is where the client can jump in and inform the Astrologer of such "earthly" circumstances to help get the most accuracy possible out of their astrological chart interpretation or any astrological advice that can be derived from it.

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