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Each of the individual 360 degrees of the Zodiac
Chapter 10: (just part of it) Chinese Astrology
The 5 x 12 Years

The 1. Path

The 5 times 12 Years as a list

  • 17. Feb. 1950 bis 5. Feb. 1951 - Oxygen Tiger
  • 6. Feb. 1951 bis 26. Jan. 1952 - Oxygen Cat
  • 27. Jan. 1952 bis 13. Feb. 1953 - Water Dragon
  • 14. Feb. 1953 bis 2. Feb. 1954 - Water Snake
  • 3. Feb. 1954 bis 23. Jänner 1955 - Spirit Horse
  • 24. Jan. 1955 bis 11. Feb. 1956 - Spirit Goat
  • 12. Feb. 1956 bis 30. Jan. 1957 - Fire Monkey
  • 31. Jan. 1957 bis 17. Feb. 1958 - Fire Rooster
  • 18. Feb. 1958 bis 7. Feb. 1959 - Earth Dog
  • 8. Feb. 1959 bis 27. Jan. 1960 - Earth Pig
  • 28. Jan. 1960 bis 14. Feb. 1961 - Oxygen Rat
  • 15. Feb. 1961 bis 4. Feb. 1962 - Oxygen Ox
  • 5. Feb. 1962 bis 24. Jan. 1963 - Water Tiger
  • 25. Jan. 1963 bis 12. Feb. 1964 - Water Cat
  • 13. Feb. 1964 bis 1. Feb. 1965 - Spirit Dragon
  • 2. Feb. 1965 bis 20. Jan. 1966 - Spirit Snake
  • 21. Jan. 1966 bis 8. Feb. 1967 - Fire Horse
  • 9. Feb. 1967 bis 29. Jan. 1968 - Fire Goat
  • 30. Jan. 1968 bis 16. Feb. 1969 - Earth Monkey
  • 17. Feb. 1969 bis 5. Feb. 1970 - Earth Rooster
  • 6. Feb. 1970 bis 26. Jan. 1971 - Oxygen Dog
  • 27. Jan. 1971 bis 14. Feb. 1972 - Oxygen Pig
  • 15. Feb. 1972 bis 2. Feb. 1973 - Water Rat
  • 3. Feb. 1973 bis 22. Jan. 1974 - Water Ox
  • 23. Jan. 1974 bis 10. Feb. 1975 - Spirit Tiger
  • 11. Feb. 1975 bis 30. Jan. 1976 - Spirit Cat
  • 31. Jan. 1976 bis 17. Feb. 1977 - Fire Dragon
  • 18. Feb. 1977 bis 6. Feb. 1978 - Fire Snake
  • 7. Feb. 1978 bis 27. Jan. 1979 - Earth Horse
  • 29. Jan. 1979 bis 15. Feb. 1980 - Earth Goat
  • 16. Feb. 1980 bis 4. Feb. 1981 - Oxygen Monkey
  • 5. Feb. 1981 bis 24. Jan. 1982 - Oxygen Rooster
  • 25. Jan. 1982 bis 12. Feb. 1983 - Water Dog
  • 13. Feb. 1983 bis 1. Feb. 1984 - Water Pig
  • 2. Feb. 1984 bis 19. Feb. 1985 - Spirit Rat
  • 20. Feb. 1985 bis 8. Feb. 1986 - Spirit Ox
  • 9. Feb. 1986 bis 28. Jan. 1987 - Fire Tiger
  • 29. Jan. 1987 bis 16. Feb. 1988 - Fire Cat
  • 17. Feb. 1988 bis 5. Feb. 1989 - Earth Dragon
  • 6. Feb. 1989 bis 26. Jan. 1990 - Earth Snake
  • 27. Jan. 1990 bis 14. Feb. 1991 - Oxygen Horse
  • 15. Feb. 1991 bis 3. Feb. 1992 - Oxygen Goat
  • 4. Feb. 1992 bis 22. Jan. 1993 - Water Monkey
  • 23. Jan. 1993 bis 9. Feb. 1994 - Water Rooster
  • 10. Feb. 1994 bis 30. Jan. 1995 - Spirit Dog
  • 31. Jan. 1995 bis 18. Feb. 1996 - Spirit Pig
  • 19. Feb. 1996 bis 6. Feb. 1997 - Fire Rat
  • 7. Feb. 1997 bis 27. Jan. 1998 - Fire Ox
  • 28. Jan. 1998 bis 15. Feb. 1999 - Earth Tiger
  • 16. Feb. 1999 bis 4. Feb. 2000 - Earth Cat
  • 5. Feb. 2000 bis 23. Jan. 2001 - Oxygen Dragon
  • 24. Jan. 2001 bis 11. Feb. 2002 - Oxygen Snake
  • 12. Feb. 2002 bis 31. Jan. 2003 - Water Horse
  • 1. Feb. 2003 bis 21. Jan. 2004 - Water Goat
  • 22. Jan. 2004 bis 8. Feb. 2005 - Spirit Monkey
  • 8. Feb. 2005 bis 28. Jan. 2006 - Spirit Rooster
  • 29. Jan. 2006 bis 17. Feb. 2007 - Fire Dog
  • 18. Feb. 2007 bis 6. Feb. 2008 - Fire Pig
  • 7. Feb. 2008 bis 25. Jan. 2009 - Earth Rat
  • 26. Jan. 2009 bis 23. Feb. 2010 - Earth Ox
  • 24. Feb. 2010 bis 2. Feb. 2011 - Oxygen Tiger
  • 3. Feb. 2011 bis 22. Jan. 2012 - Oxygen Cat
  • 23. Jan. 2012 bis 9. Feb. 2013 - Water Dragon
  • 10. Feb. 2013 bis 30. Jan. 2014 - Water Snake
  • 31. Jan. 2014 bis 18. Feb. 2015 - Spirit Horse
  • 19. Feb. 2015 bis 7. Feb. 2016 - Spirit Goat
  • 8. Feb. 2016 bis 27. Jan. 2017 - Fire Monkey
  • 28. Jan. 2017 bis 15. Feb. 2018 - Fire Rooster
  • 16. Feb. 2018 bis 4. Feb. 2019 - Earth Dog
  • 5. Feb. 2019 bis 24. Jan. 2020 - Earth Pig

Beyond today:
Metal Cat Feb 03 2011–Jan 22 2012
Water Dragon Jan 23 2012–Feb 09 2013
Water Snake Feb 10 2013–Jan 30 2014
Wood Horse Jan 31 2014–Feb 18 2015
Wood Ram Feb 19 2015–Feb 07 2016
Fire Monkey Feb 08 2016–Jan 27 2017
Fire Rooster Jan 28 2017–Feb 18 2018
Earth Dog Feb 19 2018–Feb 04 2019
Earth Pig Feb 05 2019–Jan 24 2020
Metal Rat Jan 25 2020–Feb. 11 2021
Metal Ox Feb 12 2021–Jan 31 2022
Water Tiger Feb 01 2022–Jan 21 2023
Water Cat Jan 22 2023–Feb 09 2024
Wood Dragon Feb 10 2024–Jan 28 2025
Wood Snake Jan 29 2025–Feb 16 2026
Fire Horse Feb 17 2026–Feb 05 2027
Fire Ram Feb 06 2027–Jan 25 2028
Earth Monkey Jan 26 2028–Feb 12 2029
Earth Rooster Feb 13 2029–Feb 02 2030
Metal Dog Feb 03 2030–Jan 22 2031
Metal Pig Jan 23 2031–Feb 10 2032
Water Rat Feb 11 2032–Jan 30 2033
Water Ox Jan 31 2033–Feb 18 2034
Wood Tiger Feb 19 2034–Feb 07 2035
Wood Cat Feb 08 2035–Jan 27 2036
Fire Dragon Jan 28 2036–Feb 14 2037
Fire Snake Feb 15 2037–Feb 03 2038
Earth Horse Feb 04 2038–Jan 23 2039
Earth Ram Jan 24 2039–Feb 11 2040
Metal Monkey Feb 12 2040–Jan 31 2041
Metal Rooster Feb 01 2041–Jan 21 2042
Water Dog Jan 22 2042–Feb 09 2043
Water Pig Feb 10 2043–Jan 29 2044

Interpretation Examples:

Years of the Oxygen-Rat
21. 1. 1900 - 18. 2. 1901 / 28. 1. 1960 - 14. 2. 1961 / 2020 - 2021
This Rat gets ahead, that's for sure. On the outside they may look funny or charming, but underneath there is a immense Doger for material success. A certain selfishness and a sometimes raging jealousy are hidden underneath too. Technically they are very good. What seems for others complicated machinery is for them just a toy. Of course, its hard to imagine someone else as active as this Rat. Their capital gains wont rest in a bank safe, they like to spent it too, specially on quality goods. To spoil someone they love is a passion for them, at almost any cost. On the other hand they like to be spoiled too. Sexually they are not very balanced. One day they act like priests, the other day they indulge in the most sensual kinky games.

Years of the Water-Rat
18. 2. 1912 - 5. 2. 1913 / 16. 2. 1972 - 2. 2. 1973 / 2032 - 2033
Adaptable, but clever and calculation. This Rat gets along with almost everyone. Reading and writing are their favorite way to gain or transport ideas and knowledge. With their good sense for people they understand very well how to make a few friends of good status and name. On the negative side they are obtrusive rather senseless gossipers who tell their stories to anyone who might listen. They are no strangers to behind the scene activities. When it comes to love they have no problem to fall for someone new again and again.

Years of the Spirit-Rat
5. 2. 1924 - 24. 1. 1925 / 2. 2. 1984 - 19. 2. 1985 / 2044 - 2045
This Rat may seek success more in the intellectual field than plainly on material goods. So their brains are tuned in to constant rotation and research but they also worry about the future often. As a result they are usually well informed about anything they are interested in. Thanks to their expertly knowledge they find rather easy support for their projects and ideas. Basically they live by certain clear cut principals but if priorities demand otherwise they apply flexibility.
COUNTRY'S: Greece, Bulgaria, former Yugoslavian Territory's

Years of the Fire-Rat
24. 1. 1936 - 10. 2. 1937 / 19. 2. 1996 - 6. 2. 1997 / 2056 - 2057
Just think of Mickey Mouse, that's the best way to describe this Rat. Full of energy, passionate for two and probably nerve wrecking active. This Rat is simply always on the move to something or to some place. There is always somewhere an ideal to fight for or someone who needs help or a contest to be won. Regular and average are the least favorable terms for this Rat, independence and competition are the most favored ones. Diplomacy however is not a talent they are gifted with, so they chat often beyond their limits and their fortune is rather uncertain. Their goal is to achieve better living conditions.

Years of the Earth-Rat
10. 2. 1948 - 28. 1. 1949 / 2008 - 2009
This Rat is already at young age ripe and looking for a steady relation. Once they found that they are loyal partners, with a favor for security. Realistic common sense and patience (not the Rats best side usually) is what they use on their way ahead. Once focused they don't let other things disturb them easily and they deliver thoroughly done jobs. They stick usually to commonly approved behavior because they pay attention to their public image. Of course, like all Rats they are driven to constant achievement too. In negative times they can become self righteous and intolerant or smugly and parsimonious. For their loved ones however they will always be warm and caring.

The Rat through the Years

The Year of the Rat
Success, prosperity and promotion can be expected, even some unforseen wins. A few worries about health issues may occur.
The Year of the Ox
Still not to bad. Material gains are little. It may get stressy on the job or more responsibility will be applied, but the family live will be pleasant and happy.
The Year of the Tiger
Still acceptable, but the Rat may be misunderstood or even forced to take steps their instinct would never tell them to do. More traveling may be necessary than in other years. In the worst case a member of the family may die and cause sorrow or even loneliness.
The Year of the Cat
A quiet, peaceful year in which the family may grow, but there are still all around misunderstandings. New contacts in business or job are likely, but the finances have to be watched. However, the Rat should watch out because the sign of the Cat stands a square to the Rat.
The Year of the Dragon
Another good year for love, business, finances and promotion. Careful though, new friends could try to abuse the Rat.
The Year of the Snake
Bad luck, this year is very mixed. Investments could turn Pigr, in fact financial losses are predicted. Illness could be the other shadow falling onto the Rat this year.
The Year of the Horse
Nothing to be exited. The Horse is the opposite sign and therefore Cat not to much left over for the Rat. Conservative attitude throughout the year is advised because legal battles are just waiting to happen. Costs are running unexpectedly high this year, the finances could drift into troubled waters. Even in love there is not to much of joy to be expected.
The Year of the Goat
Relief year. It takes a few adjustments here and there though but basically it goes ahead again, financially as well as on the job. New opportunities are on the rise.
The Year of the Monkey
More good news than bad ones. No problems at home, no problems at the job. Friends and relatives should be treated well this year.
The Year of the Rooster
Its almost to much this year. Hectic sets in, live seems to become a party. Events, meeting new people, a full business diary. However, the Rooster is the other square sign to the Rat and it would be wise not to overestimate the own abilities because it could get feverish, turn into a infectious disease or an accident or a breakdown.
The Year of the Dog.
A worrysome year. The Rat seems to be always two steps to far away to react properly to bad news. As a matter of fact there are maybe to many bad news to solve them all. Take it easy is the best advice for this year.
The Year of the Pig
No better. There are family members and friends demanding the Rats time and money and the chance to loose a personal good is very likely. Instead of oods it could also be the health that suffers a setback.

Notice: The year list can actually be used for partnership checks too.
I do not add a particular chinese partnership comparison here because there is the western already in this book and that one compares two complete planet constellations in detail with one another which answers even the finest questions in that Field.
In general the issue is quite simple. The square and opposite signs are always difficult to go along where else the trine and hexagon signs are going well along. And again, the elements of the particular years play a very significant role too. For instance; A Fire-Rat may do far less well in a water-dragon year than in a wood-cat year, or may be better off with a wood-cat partner than with a water-dragon.
If you started this book with the western Astrology you know of course that the best -and only precise- vay to determine the quality of time for yourself or the compatibility of a partnership is to compare the planets transit positions with your birth constellation or the two partners birthtime-constellations with one another.
Years of the Oxygen-Ox
19. 2. 1901 - 8. 2. 1902 / 15. 2. 1961 - 4. 2. 1962 / 2021 - 2022
Steady and stubborn for two. These Oxens can work harder than most and are certainly tough cookies when it comes to opinions. Their will is their rule and they don't let anyone guess what they're up to. No one Cat got a straighter line between two points than this Ox. Uprightness, honesty and reliability come here absolutely natural. As long as everything goes well these Oxens are pretty easy going, but they will try out the whole range of revenge games on someone who cHorseed them the wrong way around. Not too big on words they are rather listeners or epicurers of art in all its forms. They are interested in a top position and if they are on that route they may get fanatic, with unbelievable stamina, denying they ever heard the word failure.
COUNTRY: New Zealand

Years of the Water-Ox
6. 2. 1913 - 25. 1. 1914 / 3. 2. 1973 - 23. 1. 1974 / 2033 - 2034
Very ambitious but in a more quiet, calculated and sensitive fashion than the other Oxens. Their patience is so endless, all their opponents have long lost their nerves. Their talent to stay organized is outstanding all though they are not as strict as other Oxens. Liars though, or improper behavior turns even them into raging Bulls. They can focus on more than one thing at the same time and adjust their priorities pretty well. Teamwork, for other Oxens a difficult thing, does not trouble them. They get ahead, for sure.

Years of the Spirit-Ox
25. 1. 1925 - 12. 2. 1926 / 20. 2. 1985 - 9. 2. 1986 / 2045 - 2046
The right sign to run a big industry because these Oxens combine their ambitions with a sense for the big picture, a good understanding of social structures and a sociable tolerance. Moral and ethics are essential human standards for these Oxens but they remain open for new, progressive methods. They them selfs have off and on a few new ideas to offer too. Like all other Oxens they will drag their capabilities to the very edge if necessary.
COUNTRY: Ireland

Years of the Fire-Ox
11. 2. 1937 - 30. 1. 1938 / 7. 2. 1997 - 27. 1. 1998
Stubborn, proud, dynamic and driven to power. The more difficult it gets the better for these Oxens, they are always 110 % at it but if their heart is strong enough for all this activities, is a very serious question. However, they can control them selfs very well, but once heated up they'll be furious. Anyway, they have no doubt that they are a bit more than everyone else. The classical megalomaniacs. All though they are very fair, once something or someone doesn't live up to their standards they simply get rid of it or them (often to quickly). Patience or understanding for others is not their thing, except maybe owards their family. People who dare to challenge them openly will be put down right away, in the most humiliating fashion possible. (Saddam Hussein is a current example).
COUNTRY: Argentina

Years of the Earth-Ox
29. 1. 1949 - 16. 2. 1950 / 2009 - 2010
Like the other Oxens the earthy ones are looking for might, honor and of course money too, but they know their limits. Fantasy however is not their best side, therefore they are to much into security and stability. Success comes to them slowly but steady. They are practical enough to add piece to piece and are very tough in keeping it all together. Whatever may happen to these Oxens, they are on their way and may even try to help others to get what they rightfully deserve. COUNTRIES: Jordan, Syria, Cyprus

The Ox through the Years

The Year of the Rat
Friction free and profitable year. Thanks to good fortune upcoming problems seem to solve them selfs. Their work will be appreciated, they may even find a new, better job. Amongst the family there might be reasons for a celebration or two.
The Year of the Ox
In general another good year all though it may not go ahead as easy as hoped. They may need to rotate more than they like but in their private live it is high time for any kind of relations. If they are married, their family may grow this year.
The Year of the Tiger
It is getting difficult now. Everywhere are obstacles in the Oxens way. Drastic solutions or risky actions however are not recommended to get ahead. Patience and strength will help them to overcome this year.
The Year of the Cat
It is going ahead again, at least a bit better than last year, but there is still this or that little thing that doesn't work out the way it should. Maybe the cash flow wont really flow? Health wise they should be okay.
The Year of the Dragon
A square year. Difficulties here and there. Things seem to move in slow motion, never mind how hard they work. Maybe they meet some important people.
The Year of the Snake
Off course a good year for the Oxens. Money flows, projects seem to be within reach. Trust however is a bit difficult to find this year. To sort out misunderstanding, it will be necessary to communicate more than usual.
The Year of the Horse
A restless year. It seems fortune Cat run off. Problems with money, problems in love, problems with health or even an accident are awaiting the Oxens. Watch out and maintain the status quo is about the best they can try.
The Year of the Goat
Not much of excitement to be expected. Its the opposite year and other live stiles have the upper hand. Amidst some bad news there might be some good ones too. While their chance to lose something of value this year is pretty high their family live is rather smooth and pleasant.
The Year of the Monkey
Finally a good year once again. Important people knock on their doors, money starts to roll again and new opportunities in business as well as in partnership seem to pop up all around.
The Year of the Rooster
Not anymore that splendid all though this is a familiar sign. Have to expect the unexpected this year because the Rooster may pick on their assets too, or some friends may try to cheat them. Besides of that success is still guarantied.
The Year of the Dog
To much of unwelcome rotations may keep the Oxens away from where they would like to be. Problems just seem to grow rapidly all around them but most of them actually disappear all by them selfs again.
The Year of the Pig
Tensions everywhere and no real outcome for all their efforts, but taken all in account they are doing all right. Perhaps they'll even meet once again some important people.
...and so on through to the years of the pig.
Notice : Never use the List "how they do through the years" just for your birth year only but also for your birth day (Moon house) and your birth time (Double hour). Only if you consider how all those 3 will do in a certain year, also with the elements consulted, you may get a similar precise outlook as with the western Astrologies Transit-Aspects!

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