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Sometimes I am asked the most common (for clients) questions in regards to my scientific 100% accurate astrological advice often they are rather illogical to me as a Scientific Astrologer.

How many children will I get a woman wants to know.

There is no way a serious Astrologer could tell anyone an exact number for this question!
However, Scientific Astrology can at least tell if she would have many children or if she would have special children or if she could face problems with pregnancies or if her children would have problems such as birth defects and so on - all provided there is such information in such a particular horoscope chart!
What that means is important to read for all those that do not know much about Astrology in general or Scientific Astrology in particular;
To this it is important to understand that for instance to the example with the children there is only information in a horoscope chart if there are planets in the V. House mainly or maybe also for a minor part in the IV. House! Should a woman not have any Radix - or Transit - Planets in either House

Scientific Astrologer Rudolf Megert

has no information regarding children for this woman! There will be plenty of other personal information in her Horoscope, but none specifically related directly to children!
The funny thing is of course that this doesn't mean she will never have children, this just means that there is neither any positive nor negative information in her Astrological Horoscope Chart about this!

Someone else asks if he will hit the big time in gambling any time in the future.

Again, as a serious Astrologer I have to first mention that there are only certain specific Astrological Houses that need to have any Radix - or Transit - Planets in them to be able to give specific information on this topic that really can be called 100% scientific accurate astrological information. In this case it also matters a lot where Transit Planets are to calculate days, weeks or months of significance to this particular request.
Again, the Radix Horoscope needs to show at least 1 Planet in the V. House and also 1 in the II. House to begin with, if there are none in either of these Houses there will be no information to pass on (but in such a case the horoscope owner would probably also not have a great interest in even thinking about such things).

So you see, Scientific Astrology can only pass on specific Astrological Information hence give scientific accurate Astrological Advice if the person has Planets in certain Houses,

Astrologer Rudolf Megert will always mention this fact when specific requests are made, to avoid disappointment in the case no Planets are found in Houses that would inform of the specific interest!

Some "psychic" may be able to give you instantly specific answers, maybe more to keep you happy then out of "insight", but I personally have nothing to do with psychic work and am rather suspicious of any practical use of such.
Maybe any other "fortune teller" will be able to provide exactly what you want too, again I suspect more because they want to give you something to keep you happy until you paid rather then for serious insight you can actually use to plan ahead on a reliable basis!

A Stock Market Trader asked if I can predict how the Stock Market will do in the future.

There is no serious astrological information on a specific single world event like this!
However, it is possible (and I have done this often) to conduct a general Astrological World Time Quality research for any future, but there again, the information will be general, simplified speaking it will say if the global times will be good or bad and a bit more specific how the "coloration" of the term "good" or "bad" my fall, but since Stock Markets are not single living beings but rather systems in itself, there is no specific "birth data" to use in a way that makes sense enough. So again, limited on how the world is doing on the overall scale there is of course some insight into this issue possible. When times are bad monetary things start to slow down and stumble just as people start to be uncomfortable, insecure or engage in to much destructive force - and everything will recover again during good times.

And here a "hot" topic:

Someone asks "Will my boss be fired because he conducted some inappropriate acts"?

As a serious scientific Astrologer I would immediately have to mention that I can only conduct such astrological research requests IF THE 3rd PERSON WHO's ASTROLOGICAL CHART I WOULD WORK ON AGREES TO THE STUDY!
Besides of that, scientific Astrology needs correct up to the minute birth data to start calculating horoscope charts services, and unless the person that pays for the astrological research has the third person's agreement he/she most likely won't have that data anyway. If he/she should have the precise birth data anyhow but no agreement scientific Astrologer Rudolf Megert would still have to refuse such jobs as they are unethical.

Where would I have to go to find a good job and success with it someone asks

For all such "where" questions - never mind if it regards job success, financial success, good health, good relations, good friends or just generally a spiritually advancing environment to life in - scientific Astrology can offer THE best answers!
The right place and the right time for your needs is the field in which scientific Astrology exceeds any other form of Astrology or "fortune telling"!

Scientific Astrologer Rudolf Megert is specialized in this segment of scientific Astrology since now already 19 years of own research and use!

Also this segment of scientific Astrological research needs a bit of a word of caution to curb expectations down to earth and reality.
Say your astrological charts House System calculations would show great job opportunities for you - in Death Valley, USA, the reality is that this is not of much practical use for you.
So, such calculations will always be complex in the sense that local realities have to go hand in hand with your charts best possible House-System, Aspects and Planet positions, and again, this can not be "psyched" out at the moment of placing such an astrological research order on a GLOBAL scale (or for places you have specific interests in), the options will only show up DURING the process of researching, in most cases there are numerous variations of good options which makes the chosing sometimes hard, but scientific Astrologer Rudolf Megert forwards anyway all found options to the customer and his/her own choosing as well, also including places or global areas found during the astrological research that should be avoided because they would pose to many problems or risks.

In short,

Scientific Astrological Advice

as conducted by Astrologer Rudolf Megert - delivers facts that can inspire the customer to make the best of their life's, at the realistically best place of living and aware of the quality of life they life through each year, month or even day (how detailed such Transit future trend reports will be varies on the type of astrological research order of course).