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The new 6 basic Elements of Life and Astrology
page 1 - page3 - graphic of the new circle of Elements of Life

... plus SPIRIT and TIME,
the new 6 basic elements of life in Scientific Astrology

The traditional 4 Western Elements:
The traditional 5 Chinese Elements
The new 6 Basic Elements
Element Earth Element Earth Element Earth
Element Water Element Water Element Water
Element Oxygen Element Metal Element Oxygen
Element Fire Element Fire Element Fire
  Element Wood Element Spirit
    Element Time
D escription of all 6 basic Elements of Life
and their reaction to one another.

  • ...has no direct connection with TIME

  • (that's why EARTH is slow and steady).
  • ...has profitable connections to WATER and FIRE

  • (can control both).
  • ...has a hard time with SPIRIT and OXYGEN

  • (SPIRIT hinders the EARTHS free movement,
    OXYGEN blows EARTH around beyond control)

  • ...has no direct connection with OXYGEN

  • (otherwise SPIRIT would be crazy/confused).
  • ...has profitable connections to EARTH and WATER

  • (EARTH as the basic Foundation,
    WATER as Nourishment).
  • ...has a hard time with FIRE and TIME

  • (TIME terminates everything SPIRIT has created out of EARTH, WATER, FIRE and OXYGEN -which would not have gotten together in the first place without SPIRIT,
    FIRE uses SPIRIT as "Food").

  • ...has no direct connection to WATER

  • (otherwise there wouldn't be any fires at all).
  • ...has profitable connections to SPIRIT and TIME

  • (SPIRIT as Inspiration,
    TIME as boundless Frame of Freedom).
  • ...has a hard time with EARTH and OXYGEN

  • (naked EARTH can not inflame a fire,
    OXYGEN blows it up into destructive Force).

  • ...has no direct connection with SPIRIT

  • (that's why OXYGEN is usually the loosest element within a creation).
  • ...has profitable connections to FIRE and EARTH

  • (Earth is the center around which OXYGEN is held in it's place,
    FIRE enables the motions).
  • ...has a hard time with WATER and TIME

  • (the cold -WATER- can bring OXYGEN to a corrosive stand still,
    TIME forces constant changes upon OXYGEN).

  • ...has no direct connection to FIRE

  • (otherwise all WATER would evaporate).
  • ...has profitable connections to OXYGEN and TIME

  • (OXYGEN gives WATER lightness,
    nothing has more TIME than WATER).
  • ...has a hard time with SPIRIT and EARTH

  • (SPIRIT just uses WATER for growth,
    EARTH is the boundary of all Waters).

  • ...has no direct connection with EARTH

  • (that's why TIME has no boundaries).
  • ...has profitable connections to SPIRIT and OXYGEN

  • (SPIRIT creates "Jobs" for TIME,
    OXYGEN constantly refreshes TIME).
  • ...has a hard time with FIRE and WATER

  • ((FIRE just has no time/patience,
    WATER takes far to much of it).

    Elements are in us too of course. Look under Chinese Astrology in which Element your Birth-year, -season and -hour are (the element of the double-hour is indicated by the Ascendants position in your western horoscope), it will help you understand yourself and your relations to other individuals, places or time better.