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The new 6 basic Elements of Life and Astrology
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Announcing the discovery of 2 new basic elements of life:

to a graphic of the new circle of all 6 basic elements of life

  • Puzzled by the fact that the Chinese always had 5 Elements, I spent years of researching to sort out the difference to our 4 Elements.
  • This is the result (in short):
    The Chinese Element "METAL" is in our understanding OXYGEN. So far nothing really new. 

    The Chinese Element "WOOD" however is the creative spirit, is the 5th ELEMENT "SPIRIT"! 
    In the Bible (and still in many people´s mind) it is the "holy spirit" or a "man" that created everything, sees everything, judges everyone.
    No longer so!
    That "man" (who has a different name in every world-culture) exists only in human imagination, in reality however it is an ELEMENT that creates new forms of life with the 4 so far known Elements Earth, Fire, Oxygen and Water!
    We humans have a lot of this Element in us.
    Everything we've created (and that's a lot) started in our SPIRIT, in our mind, dreams, visions and ideas that is.

    SPIRIT is elementary dreaming and thinking, therefore THE BASIS OF EVERY CREATIVITY, of every creation!
  • But every creation has got a certain lifespan. Nothing has ever been forever.
    That's where the 6th ELEMENT comes in, TIME!
    TIME is the final limitation of every creation.

    As SPIRIT is the beginning of everything composed out of EARTH, WATER, OXYGEN and FIRE, TIME will always separate every creation over and over again, back into the 4 basic elements they where created from by the 5th Element!
  • The side effect of this discovery?
    No one needs to pray to any gods any longer, because these creations of the human imagination stem in reality from nothing else then the creative Element SPIRIT - and it would be absurd to pray to an Element, just as much as it used to be to pray to the sun or other ancient idols and superstitions
What do the new Elements mean for Scientific Astrology?