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Please contact me with your inquiry about what astrological service you'd like, do not make any PayPal payment before you have contacted me to make sure you get the service you want first!
Please also be reminded that this is not a computerized mass production service that can be offered cheaply, I calculate and draw custom horoscopes and also type every individual astrological interpretation manually!
ATTENTION: Since the USD is in free fall i had to update my prices, these are now in SWISS FRANCS! (But your payment can still be made in your local currency)
Full Precision Personal Horoscope
1 Person
CHF 80.-
Swiss precision, 100% scientific & accurate!
Personal consultation (not possible over the internet), unlimited time, unlimited details, worlds top accuracy!
Partnership Comparison Horoscopes
2 Persons
CHF 160.-
2 charts as above compared to one another
Transits (only in addition to a Personal Horoscope made in the past)
1 Year
CHF 40.-
The major trends for a full year ahead (any year past the first one after ordering a Personal Horoscope, which includes a 12 months outlook already)
Relocation Charts (in addition to personal place of birth chart only!)
CHF 40.-
Finding better places for living or work
Specialty of Rudolf Megert and only from Rudolf Megert
Well tested and researched advice for planning the perfect change of place of living!
Quick Horoscope Check
  CHF 40.-
ONLY Computer calculated and drawn chart, still my manual, individual interpretation. Please contact
Prices in Swiss Francs, CHF, your equivalent currency accepted.
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